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Press release
19 February 2020

Official Opposition’s Budget Expectations : Health Care Must Be a Priority

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François Legault’s government must not miss an opportunity to ensure adequate long-term funding for our health care system by making choices that are directly related to improving services. Since they were elected, the CAQ has spent more and gotten fewer results. The Liberal Critic for Finance, Mr. Carlos J. Leitão, is inviting the government to seize the opportunity presented by the upcoming budget to redress the situation.

One of the first actions that should be undertaken to improve health care services is the implementation of patient ratio projects. The presence of a minimum team of care professionals for a group of patients would reduce pressure on exhausted workers and would offer the population better quality care.

The substantial financial means that the government currently possesses needs to be used to ensure adequate long-term funding for our health-care sector. In the coming years, pressure on the health care system with increase due to the ageing population. For the time being I am worried when I see François Legault’s government spend so much without any improvements on the ground. The CAQ has made a lot of promises but delivers very few results. I hope that the Minister of Finance will use the next budget to redress the situation.

–Mr. Carlos J. Leitão, Liberal Critic for Finance

Health care is at the very heart of Quebecers’ preoccupations and it should be François Legault’s priority. The CAQ has large sums available for concrete action to improve health care and reduce social inequalities. The government cannot miss out on this opportunity and must implement ratio projects, among other things. The Minister of Health, Danielle McCann, has to stop putting off until tomorrow and take action today.

–Mr. André Fortin, Liberal Critic for Health