Don d’organes et de tissus - André Fortin dépose un projet pour sauver plus de vies
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Press release
28 November 2019

Organ Donation : CAQ Opposed to a Bill That Would Save Lives

Don d’organes et de tissus - André Fortin dépose un projet pour sauver plus de vies

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The Legault government did not consent to debate a motion presented by the MNA representing Pontiac, Mr. André Fortin, which asked that within the next 6 months the government commit to calling bill 399 for study. It is a bill that would establish a presumption of consent for organ or tissue donations after death, thus aiming to increase the number of organ donations in Quebec in the hopes of saving more lives.

In the bill, Mr. Fortin proposes that all Quebecers be considered potential donors except for this who have indicated their refusal prior to death. 28 people died while waiting for an organ in Quebec last year. It is a regrettable situation that could be remedied if the concept of presumed consent applied, as is the case in Spain. In Quebec there are 24 donors per 1000 residents, in Spain there is double that amount.

Recall that a single donation of organs and tissues can save up to eight lives and restore health to 20 more. Over the course of the last few years on average 180 donors have provided the means for 500 transplants each year.

I am astonished and particularly disappointed that the government would reject a proposal to increase organ donation in this manner. The presumption of consent has proven its worth elsewhere in the world, so why not in Quebec? Without so much as a conversation or taking the time to hear from experts, the CAQ has declared its opposition. Each life matters. Quebec is far behind Ontario and British Columbia when it comes to organ donation. Our bill was a solution to improve the statistics and save lives.

–Mr. André Fortin, MNA representing Pontiac and Official Opposition Critic for Health and Social Services