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Press release
June 30, 2020

Programme de l’expérience québécoise : QLP Asks the Premier to Intervene

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MNAs from the Quebec Liberal Party are asking Premier François Legault to face the facts once and for all and intervene to restore order within the Programme de l’expérience québécoise file.

Since the announcement of the latest iteration of the PEQ, the QLP is worried about the new processing wait times, the extension of the experience required to be eligible within the program, which has gone from 12 to 36 months, as well as the absence of a grandfather clause. This could lead to complicating students’ lives, and could complicate matters for employers as well. Employers and important network stakeholders such as the Conseil du patronat, the Manufacturiers et Exportateurs du Québec, cégeps, universities via the Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire and many other organizations share similar concerns.

Quebec’s SMEs will be penalized because of the CAQ government’s decisions in this file. The government has created a ready-made problem to justify reforms that were in no way necessary. It must go back on its decision!

– Mr. Monsef Derraji, MNA representing Nelligan and Official Opposition Critic for SMEs and Innovation.

Some progress has been made in the second iteration of the PEQ, but we cannot be satisfied with so little. The minister’s promise must be upheld. A grandfather clause needs to be included for the international students and foreign workers who had made the choice to settle in Quebec based on the program’s former criteria.

– Mr. Gaétan Barrette, MNA representing La Pinière and Official Opposition Critic for Immigration.

Our university networks are concerned. For the most part they are young people who speak French and meet our workforce demands. We must retain these talents from abroad who actively contribute to generating Quebec’s wealth.

– Ms. Christine St-Pierre, MNA representing l’Acadie and Official Opposition Critic for Higher Education.

The PEQ is an efficient program that provides permanent residence in Quebec and which has gained in popularity thanks to its effectiveness and simplicity. Each year Quebec was able to ensure an in-demand workforce for companies while normalizing the status of foreign workers. Many vocational schools depend on this clientele for their survival.

– Ms. Francine Charbonneau, MNA representing Mille-Îles and Official Opposition Critic for Vocational Training and Adult Education.

The government’s decision to complicate the regulations has made Quebec less attractive than other Canadian provinces. It is a pity that Quebec is already starting to lose face thanks to the PEQ reforms. We cannot make illusory promises to those people, we must rise to the commitments we have made.

– Ms. Nicole Ménard, MNA representing Laporte and Official Opposition Critic for International Relations.