170 000 $ à 50 municipalités pour des projets pour les familles
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Government announcement
28 February 2018

Minister Luc Fortin announces close to $170,000 in financial aid for 50 municipalities to use for projects benefiting families

170 000 $ à 50 municipalités pour des projets pour les familles

Development and update of municipal family policies

Québec City, February 28, 2018. – Luc Fortin, Minister of Families, announced today that $167,662 in funding will be allocated to 50 municipalities and regional county municipalities (RCMs) to develop or update their family policies, as part of the Municipal Family Policy Support Program.

The implementation of municipal family policies addresses the needs of families in different areas, including security, transportation, housing, culture and leisure.

To this day, 803 municipalities and 35 RCMs have municipal family policies or are developing them thanks to this program, which has helped to reach 7.4 million residents, representing 90% of Quebec’s population.


Improving the quality of life of Quebec families is a priority for our government. We are pleased to support the initiatives of more than 50 municipalities and RCMs who aim to create an environment conducive to the development of children and the well-being of families. These projects will help to better meet the needs of families by adapting their living environment.

– Luc Fortin, Minister of Families

Key point: 

  • Since 2002, this program has been providing municipalities and RCMs with financial and technical support to develop or update their municipal family policies.