La protection des données personnelles : Une priorité pour les citoyens
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Press release
2 November 2019

Protection of Personal Information: A Priority for Citizens

La protection des données personnelles : Une priorité pour les citoyens

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In light of the new information released by Movement Desjardins this morning which indicated that all of the institution’s 4.2 million individual members were affected by last June’s data breach, the Official Opposition has formulated a new initiative mandate request to the Public Finance Committee to hear from experts, as well as public and private institutions that conduct data storage to ensure that Quebecers’ personal information is protected.  

Today, François Legault’s government must make protecting Quebecers’ personal data a real priority. The magnitude of the leak at Desjardins, as well as those that occurred at Capital One and Industrial Alliance are a testament to the need to take swift action.

The CAQ cannot simply dismiss this second request as it did the first. 

Today, we learned that 4.2 million members of Mouvement Desjardins were affected by last June’s data breach. Protecting personal information is a real concern for Quebecers. Data leaks must be stopped as they have an impact on credit scores, the ability to borrow money, as well as pose a risk of identity theft among consumers. There is no more time to wait. The Legault government must take action.

 – Lise Thériault, MNA representing Anjou-Louis-Riel and Liberal Critic for Consumer Protection