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Press release
11 May 2020

QLP Leadership Race : Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

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The Quebec Liberal Party’s Executive Council is proud to announce that Dominique Anglade, MNA representing Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne, is now officially the leader of the QLP, in accordance with the regulations stipulated by the Leadership Race Electoral Committee, as well as the Elections Act. Thus, Dominique Anglade becomes the first female leader of the QLP. She succeeds Mr. Pierre Arcand, MNA representing Mont-Royal–Outremont, who has been the interim leader since October of 2018.

Following Mr. Alexandre Cusson’s decision to withdraw from the race, the leader of the QLP and the Executive Council would like to salute the involvement and commitment to the party and Liberal supporters that was displayed by Mr. Cusson and his team over the last few months.

The Quebec Liberal Party has always been at the very heart of Quebecers’ lives, and today we are taking another step forward together. From the four corners of Quebec we proposed audacious ideas to transform and modernize our party.

I am proud to become the first woman to lead a party that has always been on the cutting edge of economic and social progress.

I would like to thank Mr. Alexandre Cusson and his team for being part of democracy within the Quebec Liberal Party, as well as Mr. Pierre Arcand and all of the members of the Liberal parliamentary wing for their work during the interim period.

The work before us is significant, but I know that I can count on a well-seasoned parliamentary team and on you, dear supporters.

The economy and the environment will indeed be at the heart of our great vision for Quebec and we will also be a strong Official Opposition that will relentlessly question the government and offer solutions on behalf of all Quebecers during this health crisis.

Now it is time to dare to build a Quebec that is proud of its roots, inclusive and modern. The work starts now and it is together, dear supporters, that we will build our tomorrow.

–Dominique Anglade, MNA representing Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne and Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

I offer all my congratulations to Ms. Anglade for her nomination as Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party. It is a historic moment; our party will be led by a woman for the first time. We should all be proud of that. I would also like to salute Alexandre Cusson’s commitment which contributed to showcasing the QLP throughout the last few months. As for me, it has been my honour to serve as interim leader of our great party, surrounded by such a wonderful team.

–Pierre Arcand, MNA representing Mont-Royal–Outremont

I am proud to welcome Dominique Anglade as the first woman to lead the Quebec Liberal Party in its 153-year history. On this momentous day, Ms. Anglade can be assured of the collaboration of all bodies within the party as we breathe new vitality into them. I would also like to thank Pierre Arcand, who accomplished the role of interim leader with such dignity and generosity.

–Linda Caron, President of the QLP

Please note that we are currently laying the groundwork for the transition period between the QLP’s leader and interim leader. The details surrounding the transition will be communicated as soon as possible.