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26 September 2022


With the goal of providing a safe and healthy environment for students and staff, a Liberal government will invest $4 billion dollars into school infrastructures and improving air quality within the public school system, confirmed QLP Leader Dominique Anglade.

In addition to injecting another $3.5B in renovation, retrofiting and new school constructions, a Liberal government would ensure that our children are breathing quality air thanks to a $500M investment. This sum will serve to improve school ventilation systems, among others, something that has been sorely neglected by the CAQ.

The Liberal leader believes that with these investments, it will be possible to build 45 to 50 new schools and thus avoid our children being crammed into trailers, as is too often the case. To her thinking, it obvious that learning environments have a direct impact on academic success, and so we cannot cut corners on our means of achieving that.

At the Quebec Liberal Party, we are choosing our children and their education. We are doing that by prioritizing school projects in the QIP, bringing them up to 21st century standards and building new ones to address the lack of space that the network is currently experiencing.

-Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

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