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21 September 2022

QLP seeks minister responsible for handicapped persons and those living on the autism spectrum

The Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Dominique Anglade, has announced a series of commitments for people living with a handicap or on the autism spectrum.

A Liberal government will create a Secretariat for persons living with a handicap or on the autism spectrum, with a dedicated minister. This proposal will provide a voice to the over one million Quebecers who live with a disability.

“The voices of those living with a handicap are too often forgotten. It is time to change things and to ensure that when it comes to transportation, we’re keeping them in mind. That when we are talking about education, we’re thinking of them and that when it comes to employment we’re thinking of them, too! With a minister sitting in cabinet, things will change,” affirmed Dominique Anglade.

Within the first 100 days following the election, a Liberal government is committed to establishing a commission of experts and parliamentarians on the transition into and throughout adulthood for people living with a handicap or on the autism spectrum. This commission will be mandated with consulting and formulating recommendations.

“While turning 18 is a cause for celebration for some, for those with a disability it can be much more difficult; finding a family doctor, an end to family allowances, etc. We asked the CAQ to study this issue and each time they refused, thereby turning their backs on thousands of families. A Liberal government will fix this situation once and for all,” stated the Liberal Leader.

We will also:

  • Implement an internship program with wage subsidies to allow more businesses to integrate workers living with disabilities or on the autism spectrum;
  • Create an identification card with an official photo for those who do not possess a driver’s licence;
  • In collaboration with local stakeholders, develop an action plan on respite care for the families of those living with a handicap, in order to meet their needs.

“Families living with a person with a disability need respite. The CAQ waited until the election campaign to finally take action by announcing 500 respite spaces throughout Quebec. That’s not even 30 places per region! The needs are greater and more varied than that. We need an action plan that responds to a real need and that has to be done with partners on the ground,” said Mathieu Gratton, Liberal candidate in Laporte.