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13 December 2017

Quebec Becomes a Global Leader in Digital Transformation

The shift to digital is a unique opportunity for the development and growth of Quebec, its citizens and its businesses. Quebec society, which is built on boldness, creativity and an innovative spirit, must now find full expression in this digital era and take hold of the opportunities that it offers.

To position Quebec as a leader in digital transformation and to accompany citizens and businesses through these profound changes, the Government of Quebec is launching the Quebec Digital Strategy, a social project to help improve the quality of life of all Quebecers through digital technology. The development of this strategy is a Herculean task of co-creation on which citizens, businesses, organizations, industry experts and several ministries have collaborated.

It contains seven strategic guidelines, each with a measurable, quantifiable target to achieve within five years:

  1. High-performance, upgradeable infrastructure: access to high-speed internet services for 100% of citizens;
  2. Education, higher education and the development of digital skills for everyone: for Quebec to be among the OECD’s leaders in digital education and skills;
  3. Transparent and efficient public administration: 90% implementation of the Digital Strategy’s guidelines on public administration;
  4. Smart cities and regions: municipal digital transformation that benefits at least 75% of citizens;
  5. An economy of digital excellence: for Quebec companies to increase their digital intensity by 50% overall;
  6. Connected health care for citizens: 100% of citizens able to interact digitally with the healthcare and social services network and its professionals;
  7. Quebec culture everywhere in the province: greater visibility and consumption of Quebec culture on digital networks.

Through this strategy, Quebec is defining a vision that will ensure the consistency of government action and accelerate the implementation, in all areas, of a true digital culture. It is part of the digital shift that the government is taking in order to prepare Quebec’s economy for the 21st century.

Video : 

La Stratégie numérique du Québec : un projet de société

Quotes : 

From now on, digital technology must be at the core of all our development efforts in the fields of economy, culture, education, health care, labour, manufacturing and public services, to name but a few. It must also encompass every aspect of society and every ministry’s mandate. The Digital Strategy is the beginning of an important move towards the digital Quebec of tomorrow. From now on, we must think, act and interact differently.

Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec

Quebec’s Digital Strategy is the result of team work and deep reflection. Above all, it marks the beginning of a societal transformation that we hope will be smooth and successful for all citizens. We are counting on the mobilization, collaboration and participation of all Quebecers in this great project that will transform our society. The Strategy is a roadmap for the success of this major digital shift that is leading us to think, act and interact differently. The digital transformation of Quebec is no longer a choice but a must.

Dominique Anglade, Deputy Premier, Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation and Minister responsible for the Digital Strategy

Guidelines : 

The Strategy’s seven guidelines take shape in sectorial action plans and ministerial initiatives that affect every aspect of our society:

  • Effective and adaptable digital infrastructure (Québec branché);
  • Education, higher education and the development of digital skills for everyone;
  • Transparent and efficient public administration (government strategy for information technology);
  • Smart cities and regions;
  • An economy of digital excellence (Digital Economy Action Plan);
  • Connected health care for citizens;
  • Quebec culture everywhere in the province (Digital Cultural Plan).

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