Dévoilement du premier Plan directeur en transition, innovation et efficacité énergétiques du Québec
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Government announcement
11 June 2018

Unveiling of Québec’s first Energy Transition, Innovation and Efficiency Master Plan

Dévoilement du premier Plan directeur en transition, innovation et efficacité énergétiques du Québec

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MONTRÉAL, June 11, 2018 – The Government of Québec recently unveiled its first Energy Transition, Innovation and Efficiency Master Plan, entitled Joining Forces for a Sustainable Energy Future.

The result of extensive public consultation and a concerted effort among major energy distributors, government ministries and organizations, and Transition énergétique Québec, the 2018-2023 master plan provides a roadmap and measures that will allow Québec to reach its energy efficiency target and to reduce its consumption of petroleum products by 2023.

The measures in the master plan affect all energy consumers, small and large, including residents, businesses, institutions and municipalities. Everyone can and must participate in the energy transition.

This plan required the collaboration of many stakeholders in Québec. Numerous discussions on energy transition led to the collection of proposals for measures and programs to include, the gathering of opinions, and conversations on the concerns of those involved.


The fundamentally innovative nature of Quebecers inspires an optimistic view of Québec’s energy transition. To us, this transition needs to be a time for us to stand out by rethinking our methods for producing even cleaner energy and consuming it better by using new leading-edge technologies. The master plan equips us with steps to implement our energy transition over the next five years. Québec has everything it needs to transition successfully and emerge stronger and more prosperous.

– Pierre Moreau, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Minister responsible for the Plan Nord.

To implement Québec’s energy transition, we need a clear plan with concrete measures that can be carried out quickly. This 2023 master plan provides us with the process that will guide us. Transition énergétique Québec is about progressing from a noble desire to a noble reality: the reality of a low-carbon Québec that better consumes energy, and less of it; a Québec that puts energy efficiency at the heart of its concerns.

– Johanne Gélinas, President and CEO of Transition énergétique Québec

Key points:

In a decree adopted on June 7, 2017, the Government of Québec stated its expectations for the first master plan:

  • Increase use of clean energy;
  • Reduce energy consumption;
  • Increase innovation in energy efficiency, and in the production and consumption of renewable energy;
  • Support the decarbonization of the transportation of people and goods;
  • Improve the average energy efficiency in Québec society;
  • Reduce the total consumption of petroleum products compared to 2013 levels by 2023.

This plan meets legal requirements and respects government expectations and targets. In response to its implementation, we expect that energy efficiency will improve by about 1.2% per year and that, by 2023, the consumption of petroleum products will decrease by 12.2% compared to 2013 levels.

The Energy Transition, Innovation and Efficiency Master Plan includes the following:

  • 225 measures;
  • An investment of more than $6 billion over five years;
  • 15 roadmaps to achieve the objectives by 2030.

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