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Government announcement
15 March 2018

Bolstering Quebec’s expertise in Canadian relations

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Partnership between the Quebec government and the ENAP

Québec City, March 15, 2018 – Starting in the fall of 2018, a new training program for staff working in Government of Québec ministries and agencies involved in Canadian relations will strengthen Quebec’s capabilities for analysis and action.

Focused on the dynamics of Canadian relations and issues in this field, the training program based on the Policy on Québec Affirmation and Canadian Relations, which is designed to meet the needs of ministries and agencies, will contribute to introducing a more proactive approach to promoting the interests of Quebec across Canada and among all Canadians.

This training program’s design and dissemination will be done in collaboration with the Secrétariat du Québec aux relations canadiennes (SQRC) and the École nationale d’administration publique (ENAP), whose know-how and teaching expertise are recognized. This partnership also reflects the will of the Quebec government to increase its collaboration with the ENAP to train the Quebec public service in order to develop a modern and effective public administration.


The Policy on Québec Affirmation and Canadian Relations is first and foremost a call for reconciliation and dialogue and to strengthen political, economic, social and cultural relations within the Canadian federation. Quebec wants to be heard and better understood. That means we must talk to everyone: governments and other political stakeholders, the media and the population. The partnership between the ENAP and the SQRC lets us take a step further in this direction, because it prepares our government to take action on the Canadian scene.

– Jean-Marc Fournier, Minister responsible for Canadian Relations and the Canadian Francophonie

I am very proud of this partnership, which clearly illustrates the support that the ENAP can offer to the Quebec public service as it faces new challenges in the public sector. It is also a testament to how the ENAP is actively working to increase synergy with its natural partners, and I am happy that this partnership is beginning today by strengthening relations with the Quebec government’s central authorities.

– Guy Laforest, Executive Director of the École nationale d’administration publique

Key points:

  • Since the unveiling of the Policy on Québec Affirmation and Canadian Relations on June 1, 2017, the Quebec government has begun to re-initiate government action in Canadian relations.
  • Canadian relations units have been established in each of the Quebec government ministries and have been connected as a network. Managed by the SQRC, this network aims to create better coordination and greater synergy within the government by promoting more extensive information and expertise sharing to improve monitoring and strategic action.
  • The SQRC coordinates the Quebec government’s activities in defending and promoting its interests in a Canadian context.
  • The ENAP specializes in teaching and research in public administration, as well as the training, development and support of current and future public administrators, professionals and managers.
  • The ENAP’s Direction du soutien aux organisations (department of organization support) is responsible for thirty advice and organizational support mandates, ten mandates in program evaluation, nine mandates in performance benchmarking and four monitoring mandates within organizations.
  • The Observgo newsletter, which covers the latest trends and best practices in public administration worldwide, has more than 16,000 subscribers.

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