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3 October 2019

Bill to Reform School Boards – Students Before Structures Please!

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The Coalition Avenir Québec chose to invest time and energy into shaking things up by abolishing school boards. Meanwhile, Quebec’s parents are waiting for services for their children, schools in good shape and especially for more teachers.

The CAQ’s proposed school board reform will offer nothing new to students, parents or teachers. On the contrary, it will create greater distance between parents and the decisions that affect their children.

School boards can certainly be enhanced and modernized. The Official Opposition is prepared to work to that end, but we cannot lose sight of our goal- which is to ensure our children’s academic success.

Here is another of Minister Roberge’s poorly packaged ideas that in no way contributes to students’ educational success. The government continues to want to play around with structures and centralize power within the Ministry of Education in Quebec City. Can the Minister tell us just how this bill benefits Quebec’s students?

—Marwah Rizqy, MNA representing Laurent and Liberal Critic for Education and Higher Education

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