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13 September 2022

RénoVert: To Help Quebecers Reduce Their Energy Consumption

Dominique Anglade is committed to reinstating the popular RénoVert program, which provided financial support to thousands of homeowners who wanted to renovate in order to reduce their energy consumption. The tax incentive can reach up to $10,000 depending on the value of the expenses undertaken by property owners.
We must also take action to reduce energy consumption among commercial buildings and it is for that reason that a Liberal government would modify the Building Code to establish exemplary energy standards.

The Quebec Liberal Party wants to provide Quebec families’ wallets with some relief and believes that the RénoVert program has proven itself in the past, so the party intends to restore it quickly. It is an excellent tool for reducing household electricity bills, and it will provide Hydro Quebec with room for manoeuvring as their anticipated supplies will barely meet anticipated demand without increased efforts in energy efficiency.

The energy savings from replacing windows, insulating our homes and improving commercial buildings will therefore provide the flexibility to meet demand, export our electricity and begin producing green hydrogen, as envisioned in the Liberal Party’s ambitious Project ECO.

In addition to financially helping homeowners pay for their renovations and reduce their electricity bills, RénoVert helps save the planet’s energy resources. It will also reduce the pressure of demands on Hydro-Quebec. In short, everyone will win.

-Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party