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October 10, 2019

Final Report by the Inquiry Commission on Relations Between Indigenous Peoples and Certain Public Services : Listening, Reconciliation and Progress

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The QLP encourages the CAQ to do more, to do better.

The Coalition Avenir Québec government refused to mandate the Quebec Ombudsman with ensuring the follow-up of the 142 recommendations formulated in the Viens Commission report. Ms. Rinfret has nonetheless demonstrated openness to that role being entrusted to her.

This morning, the Liberal Critic for Indigenous Affairs, Mr. David Birnbaum, presented a motion in the National Assembly to call for a monitoring mechanism and a timeline for the report’s application.

The 500-paged report reveals troubling facts concerning relations between indigenous peoples and public services. All the parties represented at the National Assembly committed to working together to ensure that this report marks a turning point in our relations with First Nations and Inuit peoples.

The serious and urgent nature of the Viens Commission’s report calls upon all of us to take action. The government refused to collaborate to that end today. For its part, the Official Opposition has committed to continue to present the government with constructive proposals, but I encourage the CAQ to do more and better in this file so that First Nations and Inuit peoples can have access to the equitable and respectful public services that they deserve.

–David Birnbaum, MNA representing D’Arcy-McGee and Liberal Critic for Indigenous Affairs

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