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4 September 2022

Responsibly helping Quebecers make ends meet

Today, the Quebec Liberal Party is unveiling its financial framework for the October 3, 2022, election. At a time when Quebecers are struggling to make ends meet, a Liberal government will offer them assistance, including through an income tax break that will represent up to $1,125 per person, as well as through the creation of a $2,000 “Seniors’ Allowance” for those aged 70 and up who are still living at home.

Moreover, the Quebec Liberal Party is proposing a modern economic perspective for Quebec, one that tackles our two greatest challenges with stronger measures to address the workforce shortages and investments in the ECO project to cope with an aging population and fight climate change.

While the CAQ benefitted from increased government revenues collected from Quebecers’ taxes and income taxes, the 2018 budget upturn, on the other hand, came from the private sector’s stellar performance. In order to recreate a similar context, we are proposing strong measures to counter the workforce shortage, including through encouraging the return of seasoned workers and contributions from workers acquired through immigration. Furthermore, we have planned for several support measures to encourage growth in the business sector.

A range of other measures proposed by the Quebec Liberal Party will increase the State’s autonomous revenues. They include cracking down on undeclared work, the Réno-Vert program, countering real-estate speculation on the Island of Montreal through a tax on unoccupied buildings and ensuring greater tax equity for digital companies through a tax on the world’s largest tech companies, known as GAFAM. All of these proposals will allow us to return to a balanced budget within a 7-year period while annually decreasing the debt/GDP ratio.

Lastly, the QLP intends to maintain all of its contributions to the Generations Fund. Due to the aging population and the anticipated increase in expenditures within the health-care sector among others, Quebec’s young people will need to be able to rely on a solid financial foundation to guarantee that they have access to quality services in the long term.

Today, Quebecers are having to choose between paying their rent and buying groceries and the CAQ has done nothing to offer them long-term support. The Liberal Party’s priority is to help Quebecers make ends meet and we will not ever do that on the backs of our young people by dipping into the Generations Fund.

-Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

Yes, the Quebec Liberal Party’s priority is to help Quebecers make ends meet, but what’s important to me is that the financial framework we are presenting today does that in a responsible manner. By gradually decreasing the debt/GDP ratio over the entire financial framework and aiming to return to a balanced budget within 7 years, we will maintain sound public finances while providing the best program to support both individual Quebecers and our businesses, so that everyone can cope with the current economic uncertainty.

-Fred Beauchemin, Candidate in Marguerite-Bourgeoys

To consult the financial framework:

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