Réaménagement à quatre voies de la route 117, entre Labelle et Rivière-Rouge - Le gouvernement confirme son engagement
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Government announcement
25 May 2018

Route 117 expanding to four lanes between Labelle and Rivière-Rouge

Réaménagement à quatre voies de la route 117, entre Labelle et Rivière-Rouge - Le gouvernement confirme son engagement

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The government confirms its commitment

RIVIÈRE-ROUGE, QC, May 25, 2018 – The Government of Québec confirms its commitment and is taking concrete actions to expand Route 117 to four lanes between Labelle and Rivière-Rouge. In March 2018, the project became part of the 2018-2028 Québec Infrastructure Plan, showing that the government wants to make improvements, particularly in terms of travel safety on this portion of Route 117.

Thus, the funds required to conduct all the studies to determine the best long-term scenario are earmarked for the provincial budget. The route, number of lanes, track geometry and timeline are some aspects that will be analyzed as part of the preparation of an opportunity case.

Since 2006, Route 117 has been the subject of a structured response plan. To date, more than $247 million has been invested in projects to improve safety and fluidity in the corridor linking the Laurentides, Outaouais and Abitibi-Témiscamingue regions.

The major project to redevelop Route 117 between Labelle and Rivière-Rouge is estimated at over $100 million.


The safety of road users is a critical issue, and improving Route 117 is a priority for our government. Throughout the development of this project, we will continue to work with the SOS 117 committee, with the goal of always making the right interventions at the right places.

– André Fortin, Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification

Today, we can confirm the government’s firm intention to take action, as demonstrated by the project’s inclusion in the Québec Infrastructure Plan.  It is important to remember that until this major project has been completed, a series of interventions will be made on Route 117, always in an effort to improve safety for everyone, as we have done for many years.

– Christine St-Pierre, Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie and Minister responsible for the Laurentides region

Key points:

  • Route 117 is a major part of the strategic network in support of foreign trade. It is the only road link between the metropolitan area of Montréal and the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region.
  • The section concerned in the project, located between the municipalities of Labelle and Rivière-Rouge, has two lanes (a single lane in each direction).
  • The next steps of the project to expand Route 117 are:
    • Implementing a project office to conduct the studies required to prepare the opportunity case, with respect to the Directive sur la gestion des projets majeurs d’infrastructure publique (directive on the management of major public infrastructure projects) – summer 2018;
    • Preparing a cost estimate to update the data from the opportunity study carried out in 2011, which will take into account the commissioning of bypass lanes for Labelle and Rivière-Rouge – fall 2018;
    • Drawing up tender documents to prepare preliminary projects – winter 2019;
    • Preparing documents to award a contract of professional services for the preliminary project – spring 2019.
      Once the opportunity case has been completed, it will be submitted to government authorities who will determine the optimal long-term solution – 2020.
  • In 2018, the Route 117 response plan continues to be carried out along with the following projects:
    • Reconstructing the Route Principale intersection in La Conception;
    • Reconstructing the Chemin du Parc Industriel intersection in Rivière-Rouge.