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Press release
6 September 2019

Sale of Nordresa : What Economic Nationalism for Quebec?

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The sale of Quebec company Nordresa to American interests raises serious doubts about the François Legault government’s ability to protect and retain strategic companies in Quebec.

According to the MNA representing Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne and Liberal Critic for Economy, Ms. Dominique Anglade, since the CAQ took power the number of companies that have been sold to foreign interests has multiplied- companies like Fordia, Sico, le Groupe Maurice, Laboratoires Choisy, Walter technologies, Lozeau and now, Nordresa.

In the case of Nordresa, the situation is particularly worrying as it was refused funding for expansion by Investissement Québec. The company is a world leader in electric transportation, a promising sector for the future, even more so in the current context of climate emergency.

Faced with the refusal from Investissement Québec, Nordresa turned to an American investor in order to be able to continue with its expansion project. Seemingly, we will also have to continue to wait for the reforms to Investissement Québec that the CAQ has promised time and time again.

It’s not enough to say that you want to be an economic Premier. It has to be proven with clear actions and measures. Close to a year after their election, we are still waiting for the CAQ to shower us with all the investments they promised. For the moment, all we are seeing is Quebec companies being sold to foreign interests.

–Dominique Anglade, MNA representing Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne and Liberal Critic for Economy