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Government announcement
29 May 2018

The government is streamlining the management of financial aid for local roads and increasing the aid by $50 million per year

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For a redesigned local road network

Québec City, May 29, 2018 — After consultations with the municipalities, André Fortin, Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification, announced a reworking of aid for local road networks today. For the occasion, he was accompanied by Marc Carrière, MNA for Chapleau, Norbert Morin, MNA for Côte-du-Sud, Marc H. Plante, MNA for Maskinongé and Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier for the Regions, as well as Joé Deslauriers, Vice Chair of the local municipality caucus of the Union des Municipalités du Québec and Mayor of Saint-Donat, and Luc Dostaler, Board member of the Fédération Québécoise des Municipalités.

The government is acting on recommendations from the report by the two MNAs: recognizing municipal autonomy, streamlining the management of aid programs and increasing the amount of aid offered. All aid programs will be merged into one: the Programme d’aide à la voirie locale (local road network aid program). Its budget will be increased by $50 million this year to a total of $224.7 million.


By giving municipalities more flexibility in terms of local roads, and by increasing their budget by $50 million per year, we are responding to a request and a real need. Once again, the government is acknowledging that municipal autonomy is not just a concept, but something that is expressed by concrete actions.

– André Fortin, Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification

These important changes, particularly the merger of all the aid programs, will simplify management for the municipalities. Furthermore, increasing the aid for roads that serve economic as well as local transportation purposes will contribute to maintaining and improving the accessibility and the quality of roads in the furthest reaches of Québec.

– Véronyque Tremblay, Minister for Transport

During our tour last winter, we traveled across Québec and met many people involved in municipal politics. We listened to their concerns, and their constructive criticism contributed greatly to improving the local road network aid program.

– Norbert Morin, MNA for Côte-du-Sud, and Marc Carrière, MNA for Chapleau

I’m pleased that these modifications reflect the needs expressed by the elected municipal representatives. Our government is a leading partner in the development and vitality of Québec’s regions.

Marc H. Plante, MNA for Maskinongé and Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier for the Regions