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Government announcement
11 April 2018

Student mobility agreement between Quebec and the French Community of Belgium

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Québec City, April 11, 2018. – Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec, and Rudy Demotte, Minister-President of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, signed an agreement to increase opportunities for student mobility at the university level after committing to negotiate an increase in student mobility opportunities through a new formal management framework taking into account the particular situations of francophone students in Quebec and the French Community of Belgium.

This agreement:

  • Grants francophone Belgian undergraduate students the same tuition fees applicable to Canadian students who do not reside in Quebec;
  • Allows graduate students to benefit from the same tuition fees as Quebec students;
  • Ensures that the registration fee pricing scale that Quebec students can take advantage of in learning institutions in the French Community of Belgium is maintained;
  • Allows Quebec students to continue applying for about sixty monthly scholarships;
  • Commits governments to look at ways to increase the appeal of universities for students.

The two heads of government also signed a second agreement relating to the collaboration between the Office Québec-Monde pour la jeunesse (OQMJ) and the Bureau international jeunesse (BIJ). This agreement will enable more flexible management suitable for mobility projects in either territory for the more than 500 young francophone Quebecers and Belgians supported by these organizations each year.


While Quebec is in the middle of a labour shortage, we need to be able to offer the best education possible to Quebecers over their entire lives. We also need to attract skilled workers. Because of this, in the new  Quebec International Policy, we are aiming to further promote Quebec’s educational offerings on the international level and increase youth and student mobility. The agreement concluded today will allow Quebecers to enrich their educational and personal journeys in Belgium and enable Belgians to contribute to the reputation of our learning institutions. Once again, the deep bond between us and Belgians is being reinforced and modernized.

– Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec

Quebec is one of the most sought-after destinations for francophone Belgian students and young people. Both agreements signed today, which will stimulate mobility and communication, are now part of a dynamic that is already well established and linked to a growing and mutual interest. Work to promote the recognition of the diplomas required for student mobility is continuing, which benefits specialized schools and Quebec’s colleges. Quebec’s and the Belgian French Community’s enthusiasm for lasting cooperation in youth matters is undeniable. In this rapidly changing world with young people who have innumerable interests, we are adapting so that we can keep working together for an immutable objective: enabling young people to achieve their dreams and fulfill themselves.

– Rudy Demotte, Minister-President of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation 

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