Soutenir la croissance de 139 PME innovantes
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Government announcement
28 February 2018

Supporting the growth of 139 innovative small and medium businesses

Soutenir la croissance de 139 PME innovantes

Québec City, February 28, 2018. – As part of its latest economic plan, the Government of Quebec has granted $4 million to the Corporation Inno-centre du Québec to help it provide more support to innovative businesses. In all, 139 SMEs with a collective turnover of $3 billion were chosen from 16 regions to benefit from Inno-centre’s consulting services in 2017–2018.

This was announced today by Stéphane Billette, Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Regulatory Streamlining and Regional Economic Development, and Sébastien Proulx, Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports and Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale region.

For 30 years, Inno-centre has been offering consulting services to innovative SMEs at various stages of their development. Its team of 80 consultants intervenes in every region from its offices in Québec City and Montréal.


By assisting Inno-centre, we’re able to provide real support to the growth of innovative SMEs all over Quebec and to promote entrepreneurship, which is one of the pillars of our government’s economic vision alongside innovative manufacturing and exports. The upcoming 2017–2022 social economy government action plan will help us provide better-targeted support for entrepreneurship in Quebec.

– Stéphane Billette, Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Regulatory Streamlining and Regional Economic Development

Inno-centre offers Quebec businesses personalized support from experienced business people to prepare them to face different issues related to growth. It is a key player in Quebec’s business ecosystem and contributes greatly to the success of innovative SMEs in the Capitale-Nationale region and all of Quebec.

– Sébastien Proulx, Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports and Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale region

Support for growing businesses is a priority for the Government of Quebec, as confirmed by this $4 million investment, as well as Investissement Québec’s Innovative Manufacturer Initiative and the coming launch of the government action plan in entrepreneurship.

– André Drolet, Member for Jean-Lesage and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Regulatory Streamlining and Regional Economic Development

I am proud that twelve local businesses are benefiting from Inno-centre’s support as part of the Government of Quebec’s investment. Inno-centre plays a big role in the success of businesses in the region by providing recognized consulting services, and it contributes to the success of CAMP, our tech business incubator and accelerator.

– Régis Labeaume, Mayor of Québec City

Key facts:

  • As part of the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program, Inno‑centre was recognized by a committee of venture capital specialists as one of the most reliable Canadian accelerators.
  • The 139 chosen SMEs in Quebec work mainly in the following industries:
    • Industrial technology, including aerospace
    • Agri-food processing
    • Clean technology
    • Medical devices and equipment
    • Advanced manufacturing
    • Mines
    • Information and communications technology, including new media
  • According to a fall 2017 survey by the Ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation, 98% of participating businesses were satisfied or very satisfied with Inno-centre’s services.

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List of chosen businesses by region


  • Abitibi Geophysics
  • ASDR Canada
  • LVL Global
  • Manseau & Perron
  • Manufacture Adria
  • Roberge et fils
  • Technosub


  • Acier Québec-Maritimes
  • AMH Canada
  • Distillerie du Saint-Laurent
  • Miralis
  • Utopie MFG


  • Auvents W. Lecours
  • Du-So/Jac-Sil
  • Engrenage provincial
  • Grizzly Smokehouse
  • Groupe conseil Novo SST
  • Kathleen négociant compagnie
  • Kiwi technologies
  • Métal Potvin
  • Mode avalanche
  • Prehos
  • Radio-Onde
  • Simard suspensions


  • Aéronergie
  • Expo Rénovation


  • Alutrec
  • Ébénisterie Chambois
  • Komutel
  • Les Industries Bernard & fils
  • Maxi-Metal
  • Multi-Brosses
  • Optimoule
  • Produits RLC
  • RAD Technologies
  • Systèmes Stekar
  • Techmed 3D
  • VAB Solutions


  • Béton préfabriqué du Québec
  • Fabrication Fransi
  • Granijem
  • Metal 7


  • Baultar concept
  • Exo-s
  • Kezber & Associates
  • Les aliments Jardi
  • Les entreprises Dauphinais
  • Quinco & cie
  • Signalisation de l’Estrie
  • Usinatech


  • Agro-100
  • Devolutions
  • Mailhot Industries
  • Meubles Jaymar
  • GMR Safety
  • MindCore Technologies
  • Triotech amusement


  • Abipa Canada
  • Absolunet
  • APGN
  • Les Bicycles Quilicot
  • Multinautic
  • Remorques CFT
  • Zone enseignes + éclairage


  • Ciel aventure Québec
  • DSI Safety
  • Ingtech
  • Transit
  • Pelican International
  • Simple concept (BONE Structure)
  • Terranova Worldwide Corporation


  • Service d’intervention sur mesure
  • TJL Transport


  • PBSC Urban Solutions
  • Accès location d’équipements
  • AGF Group
  • B1B
  • Proslat Garage Shop
  • Carillon Information Security
  • Cookina
  • Horizon Nature
  • Electrimat
  • Groupe Meloche
  • Infrastructel
  • Les Cartons Northrich
  • Logiag
  • A.C. Architectural Metal
  • Simaudio
  • Systèmes Norbec
  • Termaco
  • TKNL
  • Valtech Fabrication
  • Côté & Fils


  • Adfast
  • Alimentation l’Épicier
  • Alta Precision
  • Aviation Starlink
  • Connect&Go
  • Divertissements Trending
  • Éocycle technologies
  • Finitions Ultraspec
  • Groupe A&A spécialiste du document
  • Groupe Carreaux Ceragrès
  • Trium Group
  • Intelcom Courrier Canada
  • JLR
  • La Compagnie 2 Amériks
  • Les Industries Cendrex
  • Les Recettes Cook it
  • Manutention Québec
  • Media City Pub
  • Montreal Aluminium Solutions
  • Moteurs électriques Laval
  • Nannette de Gaspé Beauté
  • Naturiste
  • Newco
  • Novatek International
  • Nu Echo
  • Orangerine
  • Léger Palans et outillages
  • Ray-mont Logistiques international
  • RB&C maintenance de voies
  • Bâton Simulations
  • Sirius services-conseils
  • Spiria Digital
  • Tekalia Aéronautik
  • Toast Studio
  • MultiConcept Machining
  • Vulcan Hoist Company


  • Recyclage Ungava


  • Innovation Engineering Group
  • Le Nordik Spa-Nature
  • Les Brasseurs du Temps
  • Oproma


  • Giroux Maconnex
  • Groupe ID
  • Morin Énertech
  • RSI Environmental