Combattre l’obsolescence programmée
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May 09, 2019

The CAQ Refuses a Request to Have the CRC Study a Petition to Fight Planned Obsolescence

Combattre l’obsolescence programmée

During a work session with citizens held by the Committee on Citizen Relations earlier today, the CAQ Ministerial MNAs voted against studying a petition signed by over 45,000 people asking the government to tackle planned obsolescence.

To justify their inaction, the CAQ used the pretext that Bill n°197, An Act to Amend the Consumer Protection Act to fight planned obsolescence and assert the right to repair goods, is currently being studied by the ministry. Yet, during the study of her ministry’s budget credits, the Minister of Justice, Sonia Lebel, was unwilling to provide a timeline for adopting the bill and did not confirm that she would recall Bill 197 or table a new bill.

However, today the MNA representing Sainte-Rose confirmed on Twitter that a bill would be tabled shortly. It seems that the government wants to appropriate the file and close the door to all collaboration with opposition groups.

Planned obsolescence is an issue that affects civil society. Over 45,000 citizens signed the petition to combat planned obsolescence. On March 18th, I attended a meeting with students from the Université de Sherbrooke to discuss this topic and help them with their preparations for Bill 197. It is a shame that today the CAQ refuses to listen to the 45,000 signatories and address this issue in a parliamentary committee.

—Lise Thériault, MNA representing Anjou-Louis-Riel and Official Opposition Critic for Housing and Consumer Protection