Motion contre le surremballage
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Press release
12 April 2019

The CAQ Refuses to Take Action Against Overpacking

Motion contre le surremballage

The MNA for Maurice-Richard and Official Opposition Critic for Environment, the Fight Against Climate Change and Agriculture, Ms. Marie Montpetit, tabled a motion this morning asking the CAQ government to recognize the issue of overpacking in Quebec and draft a bill to that effect. It comes as no surprise, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) refused to support this motion and, in doing so, refused to legislate on overpacking.

Recall that the vast majority of the population would support a law to eliminate overpacking.

Over the course of the past months, the CAQ has missed many opportunities to continue Quebec’s commitment and leadership in environmental matters. Again today, the CAQ and its minister responsible for that file, Mr. Benoit Charrette, disappoint with their lack of interest in making the environment a priority. Every day tons of packaging ends up in our landfills and waterways. Despite many societies legislating in this area, the CAQ refuses to take action. When will François Legault finally listen to Quebecers who are asking for more to be done?

– Marie Montpetit, MNA representing Maurice Richard and Official Opposition Critic for Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change and Agriculture