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31 August 2022

The Liberal Party Offers Free Registration for Specialized Pedagogical Programs

If we want to address the real issues, we need real solutions. Too many families are forced to make sacrifices so that their children are able to take part in specialized pedagogical programs, for others, that type of registration is something they simply cannot afford. To address this situation, the Quebec Liberal Party is committed to ensuring that these programs are free in public schools, up to a maximum of $5,000 per year.

The specialized pedagogical programs, like sport-studies or international profiles for example, are among our flagship measures to encourage academic success and combat the phenomenon of school dropouts. Drop out levels have increased by 30% for over 2 years, but François Legault seems to have given up. It is unacceptable to not take the future of our youth more seriously.

Through this measure, public school will be truly and accessible for all students, regardless of their interests and their parents’ incomes. True to its core values, the QLP is committed to offering all students the same opportunities.

A student’s choice of program should not be associated with their parents’ revenue. Unfortunately, all too often families are not able to allow their child to take part in a particular concentration or sports-study program because it is just too expensive. Money should not present an obstacle to developing our children’s talents. We want to offer all students the same opportunities for success, while at the same time providing families’ pocketbooks with some relief from the backlash of the rising cost of living. That’s what we call equal opportunities! Vote for real.

-Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party