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29 August 2022

The “Liberal Pocketbook Pan”: An Additional $5,000 in Quebecs families’ pockets

For 4 years, François Legault has refused to lower Quebecers’ taxes and income taxes. He just watched the cost-of-living increase and denied the existence of a workforce shortage. He underestimated the rise in inflation and ridiculed the predictions made by Carlos Leitão which have, in fact, materialized. It illustrates the fact that he is not a Premier focused on the economy, despite that topic being the central ballot box issue on October 3rd.

At the Quebec Liberal Party, we understand that the rising cost of living is a real issue. Today, the Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Dominique Anglade, launched her “Pocketbook Plan”, which will, on average, provide a family with two children with an additional $5,000 in their pockets.

The program’s 3 first measures are as follows:

  • Reducing income taxes by 1.5% for the first two tax brackets, which represents up to $1,125 each year;
  • Abolishing the TVQ on essential items;
  • Freezing Hydro-Québec rates and removing the TVQ from the first $4,000 on hydroelectric bills, while we correct the CAQ’s historic error of tying hydroelectric rates to inflation;
  • Enhancing the solidarity tax credit to support the less fortunate.

It does not make sense that people are forced to choose to between having a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs, but François Legault doesn’t seem to care. Other measures to complete the Pocketbook Plan will be announced throughout the election campaign.

Quebecers need a little financial breathing room and we have made the choice of implementing concrete, sustainable measures rather than throwing cheques around. François Legault had 4 years to lower the population’s taxes and income taxes and did nothing. Our ‘Pocketbook Plan’ will offer families relief on many levels so that they can live better.

– Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party