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Press release
17 September 2020

The Official Opposition Returns to the National Assembly, The Government Owes Quebecers Explanations

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Today, as parliament resumes, the Leader of the Official Opposition and Critic responsible for the Charter for Regions, Ms. Dominique Anglade, is asking for more transparency from the government when it comes to the information conveyed to the population. This session will be marked by our demands to be made aware of the government’s different scenarios for the coming months and to be presented with a plan in relation to the additional resources promised by François Legault.

We have many questions about the protocols, the lack of guidelines provided to the health and education networks and the delays for testing when an increase in positive cases is being observed throughout the entire territory.

The coming weeks will be very important for Quebec. In contrast with the first wave, this time the government has had time to anticipate, prepare and work in conjunction with the health care and education networks to ensure that Quebecers are spared from this increasingly virulent virus. It is now up to the government to respond, show that that have heard your concerns and prove that they have considered our concrete proposals. We absolutely must be prepared to face the invisible enemy COVID-19.

-Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Official Opposition and Critic responsible for the Charter for Regions

The current situation is very particular and can be clearly felt even at the National Assembly. In such circumstances, I think that it is important that we are able to do our duty as legislators; to question the government, obtain answers and be offered a certain level of transparency when it comes to the actions it poses during the pandemic. For the upcoming session, we will be proposing new ways of doing things and new, modern ideas, the details of which will be elaborated over the coming weeks. They will most assuredly contrast with François Legault’s way of governing. Many legislative items are expected and we will examine the government’s proposals, but there are already initiatives and bills that we put forward during the previous session and we will ask that they be brought back to the table. For example, the nurse-patient ratios and the proposal to enhance mental health support offered to entrepreneurs and farmers, both of which would be more than relevant during this extremely fragile period for the health care network.

-André Fortin, Leader of the Official Opposition and Critic for Public Finances