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Press release
22 May 2020

The Opening of Day Camps Needs To Be Accompanied by Financial Assistance

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The MNA representing Vaudreuil and Official Opposition Critic for Public Security, Ms. Marie-Claude Nichols, salutes the announcement that day camps will open on June 22nd, but is concerned about the lack of means to ensure the safety of young people and counsellors. Ms. Nichols is urging the government to set up financial assistance to support safe day camp activities.

Ms. Nichols states that due to the new ratios for groups and the new health measures that will be imposed upon day camps because of COVID-19, urgent financial assistance must be made available to municipalities and organizations who offer these essential services to young people and their families during the summer season.

Without such financial assistance, the Official Opposition is concerned that organizations will not be able to offer safe and accessible services for young people. Access to day camps at a reasonable price is essential for Quebec families, especially during a crisis period when many households are facing significant revenue losses.

The government is asking day camps to offer their services quickly without providing them with the means to ensure that young people and employees are safe. The lack of a serious assistance plan, developed in collaboration with day camp counsellors, has left them facing a precarious financial and human situation. I am concerned that families and children will ultimately be the ones to pay the price. The government needs to ensure that camps are accessible for all children in Quebec.

–Ms. Marie-Claude Nichols, MNA representing Vaudreuil and Official Opposition Critic for Public Security.