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Press release
16 August 2022

The QLP Unveils its Election Campaign Slogan

After 4 years of a CAQ government, we are faced with rampant, unbridled inflation and have no concrete long-term measures to help citizens affected by the rising cost of living. We have a government that lacks an economic vision for a modern Quebec, a government with a track record of countless failures when it comes to education and the fight against climate change. We are also faced with a broken health care system. François Legault has once again turned his back on the promise of a family doctor for all; the waiting list has exploded from 400,000 Quebecers in 2018, to over 1.1 million in 2022. The only solution available to Quebecers is to rush to emergency rooms that are already well beyond capacity.

The CAQ prefers to divert people’s attention, to sow division, to speak about “Louisianization” and to let Quebecers down time and time again with broken promises.

Quebecers need a government who will tackle the real issues with real solutions. It is time to do that for real, to commit for real, and that is exactly the QLP’s intention- to provide Quebec with all the tools it needs to fulfill its potential, and to do so without leaving anyone behind.

With its election platform launched since June, Dominique Anglade’s Liberal team is offering real solutions to the real issues that Quebecers experience on a daily basis. A tax break of up to $1,125 for the middle class, a new tax-free allowance of $2,000 for all seniors aged 70 and up who want to remain in their homes, and the abolition of the welcome tax to support young families in their efforts to purchase their first home; solutions like these are a testament to the fact that the Quebec Liberal Party is the only political party proposing solutions that will have a real impact on Quebecers’ pocketbooks so that no one has to choose between paying rent and buying groceries anymore. There is only one way to get real solutions to the real issues that Quebecers are experiencing and that is by “Voting for Real!”

With the ECO Project which represents 100 billion dollars of public and private investments to generate wealth in each of our regions, the QLP is also the only party proposing a major economic undertaking.

Voting for real means making a promise to our citizens that we will do what is necessary to address the issues they are currently facing. Voting for real means a willingness to speak about and more importantly take action to tackle these fundamental issues. On October 3rd, the choices are clear: a party that likes to distract and divide Quebecers, or the Quebec Liberal Party- a party that understands the real issues facing Quebecers and proposes real solutions to fix them. If you want to fight the rising cost of living, Vote for Real!

Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party