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Press release
16 August 2022

The QLP will double the supplement for purchasing school supplies

Inflation is a real issue. Several Quebec families are facing an unprecedented increase in the price of school supplies. In order to help families deal with the rising cost of living, the Quebec Liberal Party is committed to doubling the supplement for purchasing school supplies. As back to school approaches, QLP Leader Dominique Anglade and candidates Marwah Rizqy and Michel Trottier are presenting this concrete, ready-to-implement measure.

The measure, which had been established in 2017 by the former Liberal government, currently offers $108 towards the cost of school supplies for each child. To counter the inflation levels which are hitting families hard, a Liberal government will increase this financial support to a non-taxable credit of $215 for each school-aged child.

While François Legault always denied the possibility of inflation skyrocketing, putting families in a difficult situation, the Quebec Liberal Party is taking the bull by the horns, coming to the aid of households that are struggling. Meanwhile the CAQ is sitting idly by and abandoning families.


At the Quebec Liberal Party, we are choosing families and education. School supplies are not immune to rising inflation. While François Legault does nothing to help families, a Liberal government will offer $215 towards the purchase of school supplies for each child.

– Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

For students, experiencing back to school with one’s own school supplies is a source of pride and motivation. The rising cost of living we are currently experiencing should not deprive children from that pleasure. We are proud to present a direct, targeted measure to concretely support Quebec families navigating inflation.

– Marwah Rizqy, Liberal Candidate in Saint-Laurent

It’s non-negotiable, all of Quebec’s children should have access to the same tools to support their academic success. As a former teacher and school principal, I often witnessed parents who were unable to purchase what their children needed. I can only salute our commitment; it will ensure equality of opportunity for all of our young people and make back-to-school worry-free for families.

– Michel Trottier, Liberal Candidate in Sainte-Rose