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Communiqué de presse
28 September 2018

Véronyque Tremblay and the liberal team in the Capitale-Nationale region make a commitment for the environment

Quebec, September 27, 2018. — In an effort to contribute to protecting the main source of drinking water in the Capitale-Nationale region, the Quebec Liberal Party candidates are committed to supporting Quebec City and its neighbouring cities in their endeavour to preserve natural spaces in the Lac Saint-Charles sector.

Over the course of the next Liberal government mandate, a budget envelope reaching $5M dollars for Quebec City will be created to contribute 50% toward the purchase of the land close to the watershed belonging to Quebec’s water intake around Lac Saint-Charles. That means that this environmental commitment made by the Liberal team will contribute to a budgetary envelope totalling $10M for an agreement between the various stakeholders.

It should be noted that if neighbouring cities in the Quebec region want to develop a similar program to purchase land to protect their main source of drinking water, the budget envelope could be enhanced.

I met with many citizens who were worried about no longer being able to use their land as they saw fit. With this commitment, we are supporting the population affected by the Communauté métropolitaine de Québec’s new, stricter regulations to protect Lac Saint-Charles. In doing to, they will not have to take on the burden of the depreciation of their land’s value, which is a huge relief for them.


Véronyque Tremblay, Quebec Liberal Party candidate in Chauveau