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11 May 2019

What does Minister Carmant think about video games in schools?

The Minister of Education and Higher Education, Mr. Jean-François Roberge, presented a digital framework which includes the integration of video games in children’s schooling, despite tens of thousands of parents all over Quebec trying to reduce their children’s screen time.

During the study of budget credits on April 30, the Minister responsible for Health and Social Services, Mr. Lionel Carmant, who is also responsible for the fight against addiction, indicated that he had not been informed of his colleague’s announcement. He also stated that the increase in addiction rates among young people can be attributed to cyber addiction.

Minister Carmant was unable to reassure the population this morning. He wasn’t able to reassure parents who are worried about introducing video games in the classroom when they already occupy such a dominant place in young people’s lives.

Allowing video games in class means opening the door to cyber addiction among young people. It isn’t because electronic games are considered ‘e-sports’ that they don’t have a damaging effect on physical and mental well-being. What does Minister Carmant think about introducing video games in schools and how will he ensure that our young people don’t develop addictions, or worse yet, compound addictions that already exist?

—André Fortin, MNA representing Pontiac and Official Opposition Critic for Health, Social Services and Regional Vitality

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