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Communiqué de presse
5 June 2020

World Environment Day: QLP now carbon neutral

On World Environment Day, the Quebec Liberal Party is proud to announce that its organization is now carbon neutral. Carboneutre Québec issued a certificate attesting to the fact that the QLP has contributed to reducing its ecological footprint this year. The compensation was achieved through the allocation of 196 trees from the Carbone Boréal research project’s 2016 plantation, thus allowing the capture of 27.43 tons of carbonic gas this year.

The Quebec Liberal Party has once again proven itself to be a leader in environmental protection. 50 years ago, under Robert Bourassa’s Liberal government, the QLP focused on hydroelectricity to propel Quebec toward modernity. Our natural resources and our biodiversity must be protected by public policies that are based on sustainable development. Together, we must go even further for a green and carbon neutral Quebec.

Linda Caron, President of the QLP

Travel by our employees and volunteers, the kind of vehicles we use and the energy we use to power our two head offices, as well as the use of our electronic devices are all elements that were taken into consideration to measure the size of our carbon footprint and therefore determine the number of trees to plant. As a political organization we are proud to protect the environment and we want to do more.

Véronyque Tremblay, Director General and Head Organizer of the QLP

The Quebec Liberal Party has always considered economic development and respect for the environment to be perfectly compatible. This belief is underpinned by the fact that our natural patrimony is an essential part of our identity as Quebecers. With rich biodiversity and ecosystems, now more than ever our province must be the focus of our attention so that we can pass a healthy environment on to the next generation.