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Maryse Gaudreault

  • MNA for Hull since 2008
  • Mother of two extraordinary young women
  • Bird-watcher in my spare time, epicurean, and a lover of art in all its forms

Originally from the City of Québec, I moved to the Outaouais region in 1984. It was then that I became involved in my community through many aspects of Hull life, such as citizen committees, neighbourhood life, parents’ committees, and more.

Elected MNA for Hull in the Quebec National Assembly four times since May 12, 2008, I am passionate, dedicated and dynamic. I have vast experience in both public administration and in politics.

The idea of entering politics did not come automatically, but grew little by little alongside my social involvement and my many valuable friendships that were forged throughout my years of involvement. Hull is a great example of a perfect living environment where city and nature co-exist! In this amazing riding, you can go from a work meeting to a hike in the forest in less than 15 minutes. Welcome!

Your MNA,

Maryse Gaudreault
Third Vice-President of the National Assembly


To contact me


Electoral division
259, boulevard Saint-Joseph
Bureau 207
Gatineau (Quebec)  J8Y 6T1
Telephone: 819-772-3000
Fax: 819-772-3265

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