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Monsef Derraji Nelligan

Monsef Derraji

I am honoured to be the Liberal MNA for the beautiful riding of Nelligan. I can’t hide my excitement and how motivated I am. I am determined to meet the voters of Nelligan, talk to them, and, especially, listen to their ideas. I have hands-on experience, and I will take a hands-on approach to my mandate.

– Monsef Derraji


Introducing the MNA for Nelligan

I have lived in the West Island for many years. I started my family and made my life here. From a professional standpoint, I have been the President and CEO of the Regroupement des Jeunes Chambres de Commerce du Québec (RJCCQ) since September 2015. Previously, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 14 years at two multinational companies, one in Canada and one in Morocco, my country of origin.

As a man of conviction and action, I have been deeply involved in Québec’s social and economic development. In my work with the future generation of entrepreneurs, I have the opportunity to present, discuss and defend governance and entrepreneurship issues. Furthermore, as a PhD candidate, I am studying possible avenues for organizing services in public healthcare, with a particular focus on those for patients suffering from chronic diseases. With these different interests, I have the full picture of our current problems and a unique position in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What is more, I have been a Certified Corporate Director (CCD) since June. I sit on several boards of directors, including that of Retraite Québec and the Commission des Partenaires du Marché du Travail (CPMT).

I have organized several missions abroad with local entrepreneurs, which has led me to develop a global and open-minded vision of entrepreneurship. Thus, I never miss an opportunity to help Québec’s business ecosystem grow and shine, in addition to sparing no effort to ensure that various levels of government and leading organizations create the best possible conditions for small and medium enterprises.

As an MNA, I will serve and listen to the public. I am honoured to represent the riding of Nelligan.



Monsef Derraji
Deputy House Leader
Official Opposition Critic for SMEs, Innovation, Labour and Employment