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Paule Robitaille Bourassa-Sauvé

Paule Robitaille

With a declining population, a booming economy created by the Liberal government’s sound economic policy and the most serious labor shortage in 40 years, immigration is the key to building the future. I have come to the conclusion that the QLP is the best party lead this effort.

– Paule Robitaille, MNA for Bourassa-Sauvé.


Introducing the MNA for Bourassa-Sauvé

I told Quebecers the story of the collapse of an empire called the Soviet Union in the ‘90s and the many conflicts that resulted, including Mongolia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya. Back then, I was a correspondent for the CBC in Latin America. I always wanted to tell these stories from the perspectives of those living through these epic political and military shifts, in order to point out differences.

Then, I became a commissioner on the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. Over the course of a decade, I handled the refugee claims of at least a thousand men, women and children. Among them were victims of the conflicts I had reported on. I carried out my work with compassion and honour.

I am going into politics today to take things further and get socially involved. I have also understood, during my long journey, that Québec’s future is inextricably linked to immigration and to an intelligent, open and generous management of immigration. It also means integrating our immigrants and teaching them the French language.

I pledge to take over from Ms. de Santis and continue her efforts so that our people can find their place in a better Québec.


Paule Robitaille, the Official Opposition Critic for Social Solidarity and Fight Against Poverty