12 September 1885 in Québec


07 September 1920 in Montréal

Party leader

03 October 1900 to 05 September 1904

Prime minister

03 October 1900 to 21 March 1905

Simon-Napoléon Parent primarily distinguished himself in politics as the Mayor of Quebec City from 1892 to 1906. His major pre-occupation was regional development, notably the construction project for the Pont de Québec launched in October 1900. 

Simon-Napoléon Parent was a rigorous administrator and efficient guardian of the public purse. In 1902, reprising an idea dear to his illustrious predecessor Honoré Mercier, he convened a second interprovincial conference to once again discuss federal subsidies to the provinces. The Parent government favoured industrialization of urban centres over agricultural settlement but also legislated against speculation in those same agricultural territories. Faithful to liberal principles, he also adopted a series of measures aimed at stimulating the economy based on the exploitation of natural resources. 

Born at Beauport in 1855, Simon-Napoléon Parent pursued his studies at Laval University where he received his law degree in 1881. 

He also received a doctorate in law honoris causa from Bishop’s College in 1902. 

He died in Montreal, on September 7, 1920 at 64.