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Enrico Ciccone

Serving the citizens of Marquette since 2018, Enrico Ciccone wants to continue to be a strong voice to carry their priorities to the National Assembly

Enrico Ciccone is a sportsman who is well-known by Quebecers as a professional hockey player, sports columnist, analyst and radio host. Since October 1, 2018, all of Quebec has been discovering Enrico Ciccone, the MNA for Marquette! Always listening, ready to help and defend, Enrico is the ultimate teammate for local communities, and a tireless advocate for young and old in the Blue Room.

Enrico is ready to renew his commitment to the people of Lachine and Dorval, to his colleagues in the Quebec Liberal Party, and to the people of Quebec, so that we can continue to move Quebec forward together!

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Our latest press releases

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