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Enrico Ciccone Marquette

Enrico Ciccone

I am aware that in politics, our ideas and projects take time to accomplish, but it is important to never give up. I have never given up, and I will not start today. During my NHL career, the best thing said about me was that I showed up for every game. That’s the truth, and it’s very important to me. I will always show up, and now, it is the citizens of Marquette that I will defend.

– Enrico Ciccone


Introducing the MNA for Marquette

I firmly believe that over the 48 years of my career, I have always shown great perseverance, whether as a professional hockey player in the NHL, as a certified hockey agent, or in my nearly 18 years as a commentator and sports analyst for different media, particularly during the Olympic Games in PyeongChang.

I find it important push my limits and give my all to everything I do.

Throughout my career, I have always wanted to help others. That’s why I get involved in causes that are important to me. I often participate in events for organizations. I have been the spokesperson for the Institut des Troubles d’Apprentissage (ITA) and the Centre de Prévention Suicide des Laurentides (CPS), as well as being a member of the board of directors of Collège Boisbriand and the QMJHL’s development program.

I have always wanted to help others. That desire is still with me today, and it is why I want to serve the citizens of Marquette.


Enrico Ciccone
Official Opposition Critic for Sports, Recreation, Healthy Lifestyle Habits, The Fight Against Bullying
Responsible for the National Capital Region and Eastern Quebec

To contact me


Electoral division
655, 32e Avenue, suite 202
Lachine (Québec)  H8T 3G6
T. 514 634-9720
[email protected]

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