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Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

1974 – Dominique is born in Montreal

Dominique Anglade is born in Montreal on January 31, 1974. Her parents were Haitian political exiles who arrived in Quebec in 1969. Dominique has a sister, Pascale Anglade.

Dominique is the daughter of Georges Anglade, a professor and co-founder of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), geographer, political activist and author. Dominique’s mother is Mireille Neptune, an active feminist and accomplished economist – a woman of values and fierce defender of social justice causes.

1993 – Education

Dominique earns a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montréal. Her active involvement quickly leads her to the Students’ Association Presidency at the Polytechnique.

During her four years at the Poly, she participates in numerous provincial and national student engineering competitions. Socially engaged, she becomes actively involved in different organizations such as the Youth Parliament of Quebec and the Montreal Youth Council.

1998 – Family

At age 24, on a trip to Vancouver, she met the father of her 3 children who has been her life partner for 21 years.

Ma vision pour le futur du Québec

Professional Career

In 1996, Dominique begins her professional career as an Engineer at Procter & Gamble. Two years later, at the age of 24, she is promoted to Director of Operations and manages over one-hundred (100) employees. Her work travels lead her to Ontario and the United States.

From 2000 through 2003, she works at Nortel Networks and specializes in the strategic management of Sourcing and Global Market Forecasts. In 2004 she is promoted to Director of External and Governmental Affairs for Nortel Networks. During this time, Dominique obtains a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from HEC Montréal, for which she receives the Bourse Emeritus Desjardins, awarded to the top MBA student in Quebec.

In 2002, Dominique is elected President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal. In this role, Dominique implements public service policies focused on the aging of the population, indebtedness and work-family life balance.

Subsequently, Dominique develops a renowned expertise in the field of business transformation during her tenure at McKinsey & Company, from 2005 through 2012.

During her career, Dominique has received more than twenty-five (25) distinctions, awards and scholarships. The Order of Engineers of Quebec has also recognized her exceptional contribution to the profession through her social commitments.

Between 2012 and 2015, Dominique holds the position of President and CEO of Montreal International – an organization responsible for attracting foreign investment, international organizations and talent to Greater Montreal.

In 2014, Dominique is named “Young Global Leader” of the year by the Davos World Economic Forum.

Elected to her first term as MNA for Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne on November 9, 2015, Dominique was named Minister of the Economy, Science and Innovation. Additionally, Dominique was the Minister responsible for Digital Strategy from January 28, 2016 through October 18, 2018 and Deputy Premier of Quebec from October 11, 2017 through October 18, 2018. During this term, Dominique excelled in her commitment to accelerate development of innovative manufacturing files, industry 4.0 research strategy and Innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Strategy.

Re-elected as the Liberal MNA representing Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne on October 1st, 2018, Dominique Anglade went on to become Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party on May 11, 2020. She is also the Official Opposition Critic responsible for the Charter for Regions.

« Now it is time to dare to build a Quebec that is proud of its roots, inclusive and modern. The work starts now and it is together, dear supporters, that we will build our tomorrow.
–Dominique Anglade, MNA representing Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne and Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party
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