Contribute to make a difference

  • To make an online donation via the DGEQ’s website, click on the button below.
  • To make your donation via cheque, or sign up for pre-authorized monthly payments of $8.33, download and print the PDF form by clicking on the button below.
    Download the form
    Single payment: Make the cheque payable DGEQ.
    Pre-authorized monthly payments: Write “void” on the cheque.
    Send the duly completed, signed form and your cheque to the QLP head office, care of Service aux membres. QLP Head Office: 254, rue Queen, Montréal, Québec, H3C 2N8

Allow my fellow supporters to participate in major party events

You cannot participate in a Quebec Liberal Party gathering?
Your donations may allow others to attend. Donations make it possible to organize events throughout the year and support the democratic life of the party.

Support the democratic life of my local QLP riding association

Make a donation to your local riding association. Your support is essential to your riding association because it allows the association to pursue its activities. With your support, your riding association can promote the issues about which you are most passionate, and, during election campaigns, you can help a Liberal MNA get elected.

Allows the party to prepare for the 2022 provincial election

Donate now so we can be ready for 2022. Help the Quebec Liberal Party put funds in reserve for the next election campaign. This will provide campaign financing for the QLP candidate in your riding. Campaign materials can then be produced or acquired, posters and flyers can be created, and our candidate can rent offices. These are the tools which ensure that our campaign will be successful in your riding.

Making a difference


“The Quebec Liberal Party has always been at the very heart of Quebecers’ lives, and today we are taking another step forward together. Now it is time to dare to build a Quebec that is proud of its roots, inclusive and modern.”

– Dominique Anglade