The Quebec Liberal Party (QLP), the political party of all Quebecers
  • <div class='tag'><span>A Healthy</span><span>Quebec</span></div><h2>Decreasing wait times in emergency rooms – Minister Gaétan Barrette announces additional investments</h2><a  class='ctaLink' href=''>Read more<i class='icon-arrow'></i></a>
  • <div class='tag'><span>Identity</span><span>and Canadian relations</span></div><h2>The relationship between Quebec and Canada goes beyond the concept of two solitudes</h2><a  class='ctaLink' href=''>Read more<i class='icon-arrow'></i></a>
  • <div class='tag'><span>A strong economy</span><span>for the benefit of our society</span></div><h2>244,900 jobs created since we formed the government in 2014</h2><a target='_blank' class='ctaLink' href=''>Learn more<i class='icon-arrow'></i></a>
  • <div class='tag'><span>A Healthy</span><span>Quebec</span></div><h2>One million more people now have access to a family doctor</h2><a  class='ctaLink' href=''>Learn more<i class='icon-arrow'></i></a>
  • <div class='tag'><span>The development of our cities and regions</span><span>at the heart of our policies</span></div><h2>Quebec Becomes a Global Leader in Digital Transformation</h2><a  class='ctaLink' href=''>Learn more<i class='icon-arrow'></i></a>
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