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August 03, 2018

Let’s go even further together

By Philippe Couillard

Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party
Premier of Quebec

I will always fight for us to go even further for all Quebecers.

In politics, like in medicine, improving my fellow citizens’ quality of life has constantly been my primary motivation.

When I ran in the 2014 election, I knew we could do more for our families, for our loved ones and for Quebec society as a whole.

Since then, we have changed Quebec for the better. We did what we said we would do.

In 2014, many people said it would be impossible to create 250, 000 jobs in five years. Four years later, we have already reached 223, 000. The unemployment rate has never been lower and the general tax rate is the lowest it has been in thirty years. Since April of 2014, over one million Quebecers have gained access to a family doctor and there have been over 3,000 additional staff hired to accompany our children on their road to success.

The effort we have invested together over the past four years, to improve circumstances for all families and for Quebec’s citizens, will allow us to reach even further in the years to come. And, believe me, I am nurturing a strong desire to contribute wholeheartedly.

If you are with me, ready to go even further, give what you can so that we can get there together. Every donation, no matter the amount, is important to our victory this October.

Together, we will win this battle; riding by riding, region by region, to continue to build a new Quebec that is more prosperous, greener and more just.

Philippe Couillard

Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party
Premier of Quebec