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Communiqué de presse
28 September 2018

A Premier of his word, a Government of its word

Québec, September 27, 2018.– In a second mandate, the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, will make public all commitments announced during the current election campaign. Quebecers will therefore be able to follow their government’s progress online and in real time.

82% percent of commitments fulfilled, a first in 30 years

According to a team of researchers at Université Laval, during the course of its first mandate, the Couillard team fulfilled the vast majority of the commitments made during the 2014 election campaign.

That includes relaunching the Plan Nord, launching the Maritime Strategy, creating 49 super-clinics, establishing a home renovation tax credit, adding investments for home care, achieving 4 balanced budgets and creating 215,000 jobs out of a 250,000 objective, which will be achieved as of May 2019.

During our first mandate, we did what we said would do. We transformed deficits into leeway, we gave ourselves the means to dream and to transform our dreams into reality. In a second mandate, we will do what we said we will do: we will make life easier for Quebecers. We will give them more means to achieve their plans. We have the team, the credibility and the best plan to do it, because only a government focused on the economy can be a government focused on quality of life.


Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec and leader of the Quebec Liberal Party