Enrico Ciccone
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Press release
September 26, 2019

Concussions Among Young People: The Passe-Sports, an Essential Tool.

Enrico Ciccone

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Better protecting young athletes from concussions is the political objective that Mr. Enrico Ciccone, the MNA representing Marquette and former professional hockey player, has set for himself. He invited the Minister responsible for Education, Ms. Isabelle Charest, to reconsider the bill that she shelved last winter.

Mr. Ciccone has suggested a project called Passe-Sports, a tool that would compile all information regarding concussions sustained by a young person throughout their entire sports career. Today, a few months after the Minister closed the door on the MNA representing Marquette’s “Passe-Sports” project, a team of Canadian researchers published a recent study which indicated that repeated bodychecking increased young hockey players’ risk of concussions. For Mr. Ciccone, it is both clear and primordial that Minister Isabelle Charest must quickly backtrack on her decision and call Bill 196. The Liberal MNA is open to discussions with the Minister and other parliamentarians in an effort to enhance his bill.

In addition to compiling all of the information in a single space, Passe-Sports aims to prevent young people from practising sports that could aggravate their condition as well as avoid multiple concussions and, above all, reassure parents.

The most recent study on the concussion risks related to bodychecking demonstrates once again that it is of the utmost importance to protect our young athletes. Repeated concussions can have an impact on our children’s physical and psychological health. After having quickly closed the door on Bill 196 which I tabled last February, I am now asking Minister Charest to take another look and call Bill 196 for study as quickly as possible. We must take action.

–Enrico Ciccone, MNA representing Marquette and Liberal Critic for Sports, Recreation and Healthy Living.