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5 February 2016

Continued growth in full-time employment and further decrease in unemployment rate

It should be noted that the employment rate increased for persons who are 15 to 64 years of age (for that age group, it is now at 73%; this is the first time it has ever risen that high).  The Government of Quebec will continue its efforts to stimulate job creation and promote economic development in each and every region of Quebec.

We intend to see to it that as many Quebecers as possible enter the workforce, and we will achieve that goal by linking training more closely to available positions.

– François Blais

Employment data for January 2016

Quebec City, February 5, 2016. – The most recent employment data, as published this morning by Statistics Canada, demonstrate continued growth in the number of full-time jobs throughout 2015 and during the current year.  The unemployment rate decreased as well, from 7.9% in December 2015 to 7.6% in January 2016.  As with the labour force in the rest of Canada, Quebec’s labour force has remained stable in January 2016.  The number of full-time jobs is increasing, while the number of part-time jobs is decreasing.

Hundreds of thousands of job vacancies will need to be filled in the next few years.  For example, 46,626 jobs are currently posted on Emploi-Québec’s Placement en ligne website.

The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity, through Emploi-Quebec, produces, makes use of and disseminates Quebec-wide and regional labour force data.  It publishes the Bulletin sur le marché du travail au Quebec, which offers a monthly overview of variations in employment data, in the size of the active population and in the unemployment, in addition to serving as a directory of labour force information, classified by region and by sector of the economy, and comparative analyses of data from Quebec, Ontario and the rest of Canada.  The Bulletin will be available by the end of the day.  You can consult it at

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