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Press release
March 05, 2018

Marie-Claude Durand, liberal candidate In the Nicolet-Bécancour riding

Bécancour, March 4, 2018. – Surrounded by many party members and supporters, Marie-Claude Durand was nominated as the official candidate for the Quebec Liberal Party (QLP) in the riding of Nicolet-Bécancour for the upcoming 2018 general election.

With my boundless energy, I am running in the most beautiful riding of Quebec, Nicolet-Bécancour. As a native of Grand-St-Esprit and the daughter of community-minded parents, I’ve had the desire to do my part from a young age, and now I want to do even more. Being passionate in everything I do, I am determined to find solutions to the issues that we care about. I have always lived in in the region and have been president of the Nicolet-Bécancour riding association for four years; I have a deep understanding of the concerns of my fellow residents.

– Marie-Claude Durand, liberal candidate In the Nicolet-Bécancour riding.

The Liberal government has restored balance to public finances in order to give Quebec society the means to invest more in its priorities. Since May 2014, more than 225,500 jobs have been created in Quebec; the unemployment rate has been at a record low for several months; over 1,000,000 Quebecers have found a family doctor; taxes are lower; and major investments have been made in health and education, in particular.

During the next seven months, I will travel throughout our riding to meet with you and listen to you. With my energy, passion and availability, I will prove that not only do I have the skills to properly represent you, I am the best person to do so.

– Marie-Claude Durand, liberal candidate In the Nicolet-Bécancour riding.