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Press release
5 September 2019

Marc Tanguay Becomes Official Opposition House Leader

marc tanguay

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The Interim Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Mr. Pierre Arcand, announced that the MNA representing LaFontaine, Mr. Marc Tanguay, has become the new Official Opposition House Leader.

Mr. Tanguay has been part of our political party for many years. He was the party’s president from 2009 to 2012 and then ran as a candidate in the riding of LaFontaine. He has accumulated experience in a number of parliamentary functions over the years, including Deputy Government House Leader.

Since last fall, he has acted as the Liberal Critic for Justice, Access to Information and Electoral Reform. He will retain all of these functions as he undertakes the role of Opposition House Leader.

Marc is a team player who is always ready to go to the front lines to defend our positions. I have the utmost trust in him and know that he has the passion and enthusiasm required to fulfill this new role. Marc and I have been colleagues since 2012, so I have been able to see him at work. Politics comes naturally to him and his repartee and attacks are well dosed. He is also a man of principle who has great respect for parliamentarians’ work. The different political parties have the right to express their opinions and debate. That’s what democracy is all about. The leader’s role is to ensure that these debates are properly regulated.

–Pierre Arcand, Leader of the Official Opposition

It is with a great deal of pleasure and dedication that I undertake this role. I am touched by the trust that Mr. Arcand has placed in me. Over the course of the last 7 years, I have had the opportunity to actively participate in parliamentary debates. Today, I feel like I have the experience I need to take on the important role of parliamentary leader. I can also count on a well-seasoned team to support me.

–Marc Tanguay, Official Opposition House Leader