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March 27, 2018

2018-2019 Québec Budget – 7 points for improving Quebecers’ quality of life

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The March 2018 Québec Economic Plan, tabled today by Minister of Finance Carlos J. Leitão, marks a historic turning point that positions Québec as a leader of sustainable growth in North America.

Underpinned by a financial framework that provides for the maintenance of a balanced budget over the next five years, the Québec Economic Plan relies on additional investments of $16 billion within five years.


  • The strongest economic growth in nearly 20 years
  • 222 600 jobs created since May 2014  (on track to achieve the objective of creating 250 000 jobs)
  • A record low unemployment rate


  • The fourth balanced budget in a row
  • Québec is reducing its debt through the Generations Fund

All this good news allows us to tangibly improve Quebecer’s quality of life. Here’s how:


1. Education: Additional investments for young people’s success

  • $1.2 billion for educational success
  • $16.2 billion for our educational institutions
Program spending – Education and higher education

Program spending – Education and higher education

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2. Health: Easier access to services and care

$3.6 billion for things like:

  • improving access to home care  
  • enhancing assistance for seniors
  • add specialized nurse practitioners
  • providing the population of each region with a comparable level of access to frontline and specialized services
  • improving health prevention
Program spending – Health and social services

Program spending – Health and social services

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3. Families and seniors: $800 million for improving their quality of life

  • Nearly $300 million to support families (Nearly $160 million to enhance the tax credit for childcare expenses and $140 million to facilitate access to property and reduce the debt load for people buying their first home)
  • Over $100 million for informal caregivers and seniors

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4. A better standard of living: reduction of $3 billion per year in the tax burden on individuals

  • Elimination of the health contribution
  • Tax cuts
  • Supplement of $100 per child for the purchase of school supplies
  • School tax reform
  • Nearly $1 000 per family and $500 for person living alone

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5. Transportation: An additional $1.8 billion

  • Nearly $850 million in additional funding for public transit throughout Québec
  • Nearly $175 million in support for regional air transportation to help citizens who live in outlying regions to travel at affordable prices
  • $430 million for things like the acquisition of electric vehicles and improving our highways

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6. A strong economy for increasing Quebecers’ standard of living

  • $810 million to ensure a sufficient and qualified labour force to meet the needs of the labour market
  • More than $2 billion to ease the tax burden on SMBs
  • Over $270 million to accelerate business investment
  • $1 billion more to accelerate the digital transition in our economy
  • Nearly $380 million to promote the energy transition and to protect the environment
  • $226 million to improve water management and mitigate risks related to flooding

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7. The regions: strong measures to promote the development of all our regions

  • Nearly $55 million to promote healthier, local food in Québec
  • Over $80 million to promote economic diversification in the regions
  • Over $300 million in initiatives for continuing the Québec Maritime Strategy
  • Nearly $475 million for projects generating jobs and prosperity in the Plan Nord territory

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