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Press release
3 February 2020

Detailed Study of Bill 40 : Minister Roberge’s Improvisation Slows Work

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The Liberal Critic for Education, Marwah Rizqy, takes objection to Education Minister Jean-François Roberge’s accusations that the opposition is obstructing the progress of Bill 40, on school board reform. The Minister is the only person responsible for the delays in the bill’s advancement, Ms. Rizqy stated.

The Liberal Critic finds it surprising, to say the least, that at the dawn of next Tuesday’s new parliamentary session, François Legault’s government is already brandishing threats of closure. It is certainly not the best means of demonstrating good faith or a fostering a sense of collaboration with the opposition parties.

The Minister of Education attended the detailed study of Bill 40 without being prepared, which led him to present a number of amendments and suspend proceedings for many hours. During one of the sessions, Ministre Roberge withdrew his own amendment on three occasions to correct shortfalls.

I challenge Minister Roberge to demonstrate how the opposition stopped his bill from progressing. He alone is responsible for the delays generated by his lack of knowledge of his own bill. He should actually be thanking the opposition who, on numerous occasions, allowed him to enhance the amendments he was proposing. If the Minister seeks to use closure, then take responsibility for it, but don’t ask the opposition to carry the blame. One would only have to watch footage of the detailed study proceedings so far to see the Minister’s Iack of preparation. The CAQ has an agenda and Minister Roberge has been given orders to conclude Bill 40 quickly, in spite of his reassurance that he did not intend to use closure just two weeks ago.

–Marwah Rizqy, Liberal Critic for Education