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Annonce gouvernementale
8 December 2017

Creating the base for a new Québec

Overview of the key government achievements this session

Québec, December 8th 2017 – The Premier of Québec, Philippe Couillard, held a press conference to review the key achievements of the government over the past few months.

We had a plan, we executed it and it worked. This plan allowed us to strengthen our public finances, kick start the economy and invest in the important priorities of Quebecers such as health and education. Today Québec is doing better

– Philippe Couillard

The Premier highlighted the excellent performance of Québec’s economy. Since the last election in 2014 over 218 000 jobs have been created, unemployment rates are at a historic low, the GDP is growing, the credit score has been elevated and the purchasing power of Quebecers is the fastest growing  in Canada.

Budget discipline and the strong performance of the economy allowed the government to reduce taxes.  Among the measures designed to reduce the tax burden on Quebec families, the Premier noted tax cuts for 4,2 million tax payers, a payment of 100$ per child for school supplies and the most important school tax reform in over 25 years.

Without a strong economy and sound public finances the government would not be able to cut taxes. This budgetary leeway is not for the government but for Quebecers and it allows us to create the base for a new Quebec

– Philippe Couillard

With strong public finances the government is able to improve the quality of life for families and invest in health care and education and to address the issue of a lack of manpower. Quebec is already considered the champion in the fight against poverty in Canada but we will do more and we will present a new plan to fight poverty.

What contributes to the social development of Québec is a strong prosperous economy, people who are confidant in their future and families who benefit from more financial security and can carry out their projects. Together, we will continue to build a new Québec.

– Philippe Couillard

Legislative overview

At the parliamentary level, we opened the session by receiving for the first time in history the Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne. A dozen bills were adopted this session. In health, Bill 148 an Act to regulate generic medication procurement by owner pharmacists and to amend various legislative provisions and Bill 130 an Act to amend certain provisions regarding the clinical organization and management of health and social services institutions which will help avoid disruptions in services in all of our hospitals in all regions. In education various measures were passed: an Act to amend the Education Act and other legislative provisions concerning mainly free educational services and compulsory school attendance and Bill 166 proposed yesterday to reform the school tax system to resolve a longstanding issue of equity for school property taxes. Two other bills were proposed as well, Bill 143 an Act to improve the educational quality and foster the harmonious development of educational childcare services and Bill 151 an Act to prevent and fight sexual violence in higher education institutions.

We also adopted Bill 133 on police uniforms, Bill 121 that increased powers for the city of Montréal, Bill 62  to foster adherence to State religious neutrality and, in particular, to provide a framework for requests for accommodations on religious grounds in certain bodies, Bill 134 to modernize rules relating to consumer credit and to regulate debt settlement service contracts, high-cost credit contracts and loyalty programs, Bill 108 an Act to facilitate oversight of public bodies’ contracts and to establish the Autorité des marchés publics to respond to the first recommendation of the Charbonneau commission. Over 80% of the recommendations have been realized or are in the process of being implemented. Finally Bill 139 on the youth offices allows young Quebecers to reaffirm their links with other youth across Canada.