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Government announcement
9 April 2018

The Quebec Government is granting $1.5 million to the Fondation Jean Lapointe for a prevention program

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Québec City, April 9, 2018 – As part of measures implemented to prevent the consequences of drug use, particularly cannabis, the Government of Quebec is granting the Fondation Jean Lapointe $1.5 million to support psychoactive substance use prevention among young people. For its part, the Foundation has committed to adding an amount equal to that provided by the government as part of this financing, bringing the financial resources dedicated to this project to $3 million. Lucie Charlebois, Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection, Public Health and Healthy Living, and Sébastien Proulx, Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, announced this funding today, which will help support efforts against the trivialization of cannabis use among teenagers.

The sum given to the Fondation Jean Lapointe will support the deployment and expansion of the program, an integrated prevention program that will be offered for free in schools. This program is designed for teenagers, parents and teachers.


This innovative partnership we are establishing with the Fondation Jean Lapointe will allow us to build on the expertise of this organization and benefit from a proven approach to addiction prevention. We are taking the necessary means to collectively prepare for the legalization of cannabis imposed by the federal government in order to protect the health and safety of Quebec’s youth, whose development we particularly take to heart.

– Lucie Charlebois, Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection, Public Health and Healthy Living

I am pleased that our government is committed to supporting the Fondation Jean Lapointe’s initiatives with our youth, since they are particularly vulnerable to the use of substances like cannabis.” We must remember that such substances may have a negative effect on their development, and especially on their schooling, which could impact their entire lives thereafter. With this support for the APTE program, we are ensuring that we can support and equip them better, for the benefit of our entire society.

– Sébastien Proulx, Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports  

Today, we are announcing great news for all young people in Quebec. I’m very glad to see our government’s addiction prevention efforts, and that together, we are continuing to work to build a Quebec that lives up to our youth.

– André Drolet, Member for Jean-Lesage

Combatting addiction is the fight I’ve devoted my life to, and prevention among young people is a priority. I would like to thank the Government of Québec for enabling us to fulfill this mission of protecting young people against the pitfalls of addiction through this partnership.

– Jean Lapointe

With this historic support for the Fondation Jean Lapointe, in 3 years, 85% of secondary school students will receive drug awareness information more than once, thus helping them to develop the knowledge and skills to make informed choices about the consumption of alcohol, cannabis and other drugs.

– Annie Papageorgiou, Executive Director, Foundation Jean Lapointe

Key points:

Note that this funding will serve for the implementation and expansion of the following activities:

  • “Mon indépendance, j’y tiens!” (My Independence Matters to Me!) awareness workshops
  • APTE group prevention program;
  • APTE parent and teacher caregivers program.

The funding granted for fiscal year 2017-2018 is provided by a transfer of amounts granted under the addiction component of the economic update announced in November.

This grant is consistent with measures designed to provide a better framework for the use of cannabis in Quebec as a result of the federal bill to legalize this substance, whose entry into force is scheduled for next August.