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19 September 2022

The Liberal Plan for Seniors

The Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Dominique Anglade, announced a series of commitments that a Liberal government would put forward for seniors, whether they are active or require care and services.

To help active seniors who want to remain in their homes or want to keep working, the Liberal Party is proposing to:

  • Establish a “Seniors’ Credit” of $2,000, which varies according to income, to support each person over 70 who wants to remain in their home;
  • Offer a hiatus from contributions to the Quebec Pension Plan for those aged 62 and up;
  • Double the tax exemption threshold for those aged 65 and up, increasing it to $30,000;
  • Establish free public transportation for Quebecers aged 65 and up.

For seniors who require care or services, the Liberal Party is proposing to:

  • Prioritize seniors for access to a family doctor;
  • Deploy intensive home health care units in all of Quebec’s regions;
  • Train twice the number of geriatricians;
  • Implement safe staff-patient ratios in all CHSLDs;
  • Deploy institutional pharmacists in all CHSLDs;
  • Ensure better funding for community organizations that work with seniors in their homes;
  • Launch a public inquiry commission into the management of the pandemic to ensure that Quebec never suffers from another such tragedy.

The Liberal Plan for seniors proposes real solutions to the real issues that seniors are experiencing. For those who are active, we need to provide the necessary means for them to achieve their goals, whether that be financial support to stay at home as long as possible, or offering incentives for them to remain in the workforce. For those who have more specific needs, such as health concerns, we need to be present and offer them the help that they require.

-Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party